Our recommended products:



Beautiful Lovekins… created by a mother for her daughter who had a dry skin condition as a baby, it has now been an international success! This brand is one of those rare brands that you can’t find a single fault with (seriously! I dare you!).

I first discovered Lovekins when I was showing one of my patients how to bathe her newborn daughter. I ALWAYS give a spiel about avoiding nasty chemical filled skin care (so common these days) and using something natural, organic and nourishing. My patient pulled out Lovekins baby hair wash and can I say… love at first site?

They create all natural baby skin care products (using Australian superfoods like Kakadu Plum!!!), nappies using Australian cotton that are toxic free and natural as well as womens sanitary pads! I mean, come on! Lovekins blows me away, all the time! Check them out here:



Franjoskitchen… where do I start! My absolute favourite brand for all things nourishing mama’s! This beautiful brand creates pregnancy, children and lactation cookies! They are all created by Jo, a beautiful naturopath and mama. They are vegan, completely natural, full of superfoods and made in Melbourne.

I have been advising my patients for years to eat Franjoskitchen cookies after birth to help with their milk supply, the reviews speak for themselves on this one! Mama’s who have been struggling to produce enough milk are suddenly having milk parties! #milkmilkmilk

Grab some here: https://franjoskitchen.com/

Bub Pregnancy Companion

This app is everything! Created by two beautiful mama’s Lorinska and Liz wanting to support and educate new mothers and their families.

Bub Pregnancy Companion is incredibly innovative, so helpful, absolutely stunning and you have access to a huge range of health professionals all within the app.

There is everyone from midwives (me! yah!) to doulas, naturopaths, obstetricians, chinese medicine specialists, physiotherapists, yoga teachers and more! You ask anything and get a personalised response, gone

are the days of getting Google advice!

Download it here: https://apps.apple.com/au/app/bub-pregnancy-companion/id1468448524