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Secondary infertility, it’s a rocky path.

Heck it’s been a hell of a ride just to jump back on the ivf rollercoaster, and sometimes your terrified your being judged for the decision. The most overused line I’ve heard whilst attempting number 2 “be grateful you have madden” god thanks Susan, I didn’t know how long it took me to conceive my first child but thanks for the reminder, it’s such an unnecessary comment. 

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Baby Blues vs. Postnatal Depression:

Day 3 hits and you feeling like absolutely everything is falling apart. Your body is aching, your boobs are killing, and who on earth thought you could handle the huge responsibility of raising a human being?! Welcome to baby blues, where raging hormones, leaking milk, a screaming baby and torturous exhaustion feel like a rather large bus has just hit you. 

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GBS or Group B Strep? What does it mean?

BS or Group B Strep is a very normal bacteria that lives in the body. It is transient flora, which means it comes and goes in cycles. Normally, we would have no idea when it decides to stop by for a visit, as you’re unlikely to experience any symptoms or negative side-effects! Fast forward to your current pregnancy, when suddenly every tiny thing seems important and you’re hearing lots about GBS

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An unplanned homebirth in Kenya

Olivia came 8 days late. I had 2 sweeps and was starting to dilate (2cm). My OBGYN said if I didn't go into labour within 24 hours of the 2nd sweep I should be induced, which I wanted to avoid as I knew this would derail any hopes of having a drug-free birth. Thankfully (after a trip to the cinema and an Indian take away - so cliche), I went into labour that evening. 

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Are you in labour?

Are you in labour?

It’s got to be the most exciting question you have ever asked yourself: Is this it?! The moment I have waited 10 months for?!

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Colic- what is it and does my baby have it?!

What is colic:

“Colic is an attack of crying and what appears to be abdominal pain in young infancy. It is a common condition and is estimated to affect up to 1 in 5 infants during their first few months”

It generally only lasts for a couple of weeks. 

Why does babe have colic? (largely unknown, but some educated guesses)

  • Allergy to formula / lactose if formula feeding

  • Allergic to something mum is eating if breastfeeding e.g. chilli 

  • Overstimulated / overtired / stressed baby 

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My beautiful birth story....

When I was having my first baby I was stuck at 6 cm and i got a fever, and this time i’m stuck at 3 or 4 cm and again 38C fever. The midwife told me this is how my body gives birth and its going to be alright. My husband helped me to go back into my Hypnobirthing flow and it worked. I let the contractions be and i did some positive thinking how my body would be open and soon I would cuddle my baby, at 9.00 I asked the midwife to check me again, still 4 cm…

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Self Care series (1). Postpartum Depression Edition

A lot of women, prior to becoming pregnant or giving birth often dream up what their lives will look link once they have a baby (I sure do)! But sometimes, things don't go according to plan. Sometimes we are left feeling lost, hopeless, and sad after our babies are born - and without being entirely sure where to turn, or what's even going on, we get lost in a sea of emotion and become withdrawn, and wonder why we are feeling this way or why any of this is happening. After all...aren't we supposed to be happy after our babies are here? Thats what we see of new motherhood on billboards and social media after all…

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Ten tips from mama's on sleep!

Ten tips from mama’s on getting enough sleep in those early few weeks and months.

I recently put a post on Bumpnbub and asked mamas and papas for tips on how they get to sleep, stay asleep, prep for sleep and get enough rest. Here are the ten most popular answers for surviving those first few weeks/months with a newborn!

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Ten tips Thursday #1

1) Listen to yourself more than others, there is such a thing as a natural instinct, so use it, You know best. 

2) Don’t compare your postpartum body to your pre-baby body. It's not the same no matter what, you grew a human!

3) Continue to show love for your husband, he helped create the baby too. 

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I’m so sorry, I would have done anything to save you... A story of miscarriage.

We cried….and I couldn’t believe this was happening to us. I went through every thought. I felt like my body failed you, I felt like I failed my husband, it was unfair. I waited this long to have you and in just an instant, that dream was taken from me. Will I ever be able to have you? Will this happen again? I don’t know if I can bear to go through trying to conceive again, feeling guilty that we lost you. I’m so sorry, I would have done anything to save you.

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Dear Anxious Mama ...

I know it is hard to get out of bed sometimes because sleep deprivation is pure torture and it has sucked out every ounce of energy you may have in you. I know this form of exhaustion all too well Mama, especially when my babies were first born. Sometimes it turns into a depression. I know you love being a Mama, but some days are just covered in clouds. It's okay Mama.

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