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Breastfeeding in Egypt

As a first time mum, you get so insecure! Especially in the situation I was in, I tried to make my daughter as comfortable as possible in this completely new environment. It started at day 1, I was told I breastfeed too much and that my baby needs water because “breastmilk is not enough” and her “brain will be damaged if I don't get her to drink water” and that “she is taking all my nutrition away which is unhealthy”.

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Benefits of breastfeeding:

Bonding between mum and bub

Each time you breastfeed, your body releases the hormone of love ‘oxytocin’. Its the same hormone that’s released when you fall in love, go into labour and orgasm! Handy hormone. Have your baby so close to you, creates a bonding environment for you and your baby.

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Milky Mumma Smoothie!

I had the honour of using the delicious smoothie blend for the past few weeks and boy does it deliver. Packed full of high quality, natural and raw ingredients that literally love your body! The ingredients are high in folate (essential in pregnancy and postnatally) as well as galactogogues. Combined, these ingredients increase womens breastmilk supply and promote nutrient uptake in the body. To mine, I added blueberries, flaxseed powder and mango this week, (because I am obsessed with fruit) but by itself with water / almond milk is equally as delicious! 

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Want to increase your breastmilk supply?

I see the struggle, the women pumping for hours each day, taking supplements upon supplements, stressed and overwhelmed trying to get their milk supply up! I see you, I know how hard breastfeeding can be. The reason I have collaborated with this gorgeous brand is just that, this company WANT to help women. They want women to be able to breastfeed without the crazy stress many mama’s face of a low milk supply. All of their products are aimed to provide mama’s with the best possible products to help maintain and increase their milk supply, satisfy a sweet tooth (me!) and one particular product i’m in love with, hydrates women in labour!

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Self Care Sundays: Why Self-Breast Exams are Essential To Your Health
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Before the Bump: 10 Ways to Ready Yourself for Pregnancy (part one)

Okay my lovelies, so let me just say here… as a woman and as a midwife I know this blog post is all about the ideals. I am totally aware of that, so if you were like 50% of our population and had an unplanned surprise pregnancy, then hey! Congrats and don’t stress. If you are in the other 50% and are planning your pregnancy, then I hope these are some helpful tips. As a midwife, my recommendation is always to seek professional help from a midwife, fertility specialist, GP etc. before falling pregnant. If you are interested in genetic testing (which I haven’t spoke about here) then seeing your GP for some direction is the first place to start.

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The Fourth Trimester: An Essential Part of Your New Normal

When we think pregnancy, we typically think three trimesters. That is the 3, 6, and 9 month marks. But did you know that there is also another pivotal period of time following your birth? The fourth trimester is actually something every new mama, baby, and family will experience - and it's essential to getting used to your new normal.

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Haaka breast-pump recommendation!

o, how does the Generation 3 pump work? Its a hands free manual pump. Once mama is done pumping, the lid’s are interchangeable and transformable (magic, I know). The bottle you JUST pumped into can become a baby bottle, a feeding spoon dispenser, a sippy straw bottle for older bubs or a storage container…. SAY WHAT?! Talk about convenience. You know all of those items you buy when your babes a newborn and you think you’ll get heaps of use out of it but in actual fact, you use it for 3 months and they outgrow it? Yep, me too. 

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Breastfeeding Into Toddlerhood: Go for the Gold!

When a woman first finds out she is expecting, it's such an exciting time. Many mothers plan and plot every step along the way of how they believe their pregnancy and even the first year is all going to go. They may decide they want to breastfeed, or at least give it a fighting chance. They set goals as to how long they intend on breastfeeding their baby. Sometimes, those goals are met, and sometimes those goals change. No matter what, if you've given any time to breastfeeding your baby at all, you've done them a world of good.

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How to increase your breastmilk supply?!

Some tips if you feel or have been advised to try to increase your breastmilk supply- so a little secret. Breastmilk works purely on supply and demand, your body is clever like that. The more milk you extract, the more milk you make! Amazing right?! Grab a cup of tea, a big breath and lets read some tips together.

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Breastfeeding info all in one place

I never discredit a trusty piece of paper and a pen but these days, apps are SO much easier for tracking all things baby! New mamas and papas will tell you about the difficulty of remembering which breast they last fed from, when their baby last did a wee or poo and what baby weighed 3 days ago. It’s HARD, to say the least. Throw some hormones and sleep deprivation in and it is virtually impossible to remember what day it is. 

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Mumma Etc. swoon worthy Babywearing

What if we could simplify things a little bit. You know that feeling when your babe was tucked away in your tummy, safe from the world, it was just you and them? What if you could recreate that harmonious and simple feeling all over again? (Don’t worry, I am not suggesting another pregnancy or somehow getting your baby back into that belly)!

Let me introduce to a brand that does just that, and more: Mumma etc. This elegant, and minimalistic brand creates the most heavenly wraps that do just that. They create a cocoon of happiness and safety for you and your little one to enjoy this oh so precious time that is flying by!

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