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Self Care Sundays: Why Self-Breast Exams are Essential To Your Health
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Ten tips from mama's on sleep!

Ten tips from mama’s on getting enough sleep in those early few weeks and months.

I recently put a post on Bumpnbub and asked mamas and papas for tips on how they get to sleep, stay asleep, prep for sleep and get enough rest. Here are the ten most popular answers for surviving those first few weeks/months with a newborn!

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Mumma Etc. swoon worthy Babywearing

What if we could simplify things a little bit. You know that feeling when your babe was tucked away in your tummy, safe from the world, it was just you and them? What if you could recreate that harmonious and simple feeling all over again? (Don’t worry, I am not suggesting another pregnancy or somehow getting your baby back into that belly)!

Let me introduce to a brand that does just that, and more: Mumma etc. This elegant, and minimalistic brand creates the most heavenly wraps that do just that. They create a cocoon of happiness and safety for you and your little one to enjoy this oh so precious time that is flying by!

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I’m so sorry, I would have done anything to save you... A story of miscarriage.

We cried….and I couldn’t believe this was happening to us. I went through every thought. I felt like my body failed you, I felt like I failed my husband, it was unfair. I waited this long to have you and in just an instant, that dream was taken from me. Will I ever be able to have you? Will this happen again? I don’t know if I can bear to go through trying to conceive again, feeling guilty that we lost you. I’m so sorry, I would have done anything to save you.

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Transitioning into Motherhood and Veganism

“Veganism is not a limitation in anyway; it is an expansion of your love, your commitment to nonviolence, and your belief in justice for all.” - Gary L. Francione

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An insight into postnatal anxiety

I became terrified at the thought that someone might get into our apartment and snatch our precious boy. When I thought of it, my blood would run cold and I would feel physically sick. It was around this time that we had been thinking about moving our son from our room, into his nursery at night, but just the thought of it would cause me to break down in tears of fear. 

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My waters broke at 29 weeks...

On my 17th day at the hospital, I woke up feeling ill. My contractions started to intensify and I knew that baby O was coming if we were ready or not. In my room, I affectionately called my penthouse, my doctor quickly realized I was fully dialed. They rushed me to labor and delivery. My boyfriend walked in just in time. He ran to my side and after three pushes our miracle was born.

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